In my second day post I’m going to explain what it means.

You and I know we are coming to this world with an agreement we come to the world with the agreement of leave from this “You have to leave on the day whether do you like or not.” So I and you know what is the time. Sometimes I couldn’t write the 3rd-day post for you that is the nature of life. That is the rule of the world.

How much we earn money, How much we earn assets one day all of us have to give up those kinds of stuff. I have a suggestion if you could live also after your death? Do you like it or not. You exactly like it. Some people are like to freeze their bodies and live again when there is an unfreezing method. I god this information by reading Nas Daily’s this video.

Now you can get a clear idea people are very like to live also after their death. Now see my topic I’m doing this blog for recycling your lives. But not by freezing.

My point of view is we can spend our lives by helping others. Making things people can make their life better. As an example, I’m spending my time writing valuable content for people. Now people can read those articles. But after my death also they can access content I made for people. Even if my life is over people are still using me.

Isn’t it Recycling?

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