What is Clique

Hi, everyone!

This is the first arranged blog post in the Clique-Blog. I think this may you confused a little bit. So what are other posts in this blog before this?

When I got the idea to make a blog I hadn’t written any blog post or any stuff relating to writing. Making a blog spends a little bit of money. And I need to write my blog in English. After spending some money If I could not continue my blog it is a wastage. And after reading this small you can get a clear idea how bad is my English. But I have a message to give this whole world. So I decided to tell my story with my weak language to the world.

Very first I started writing a blog post in Notion without having a blog. I did this to check whether I can write a blog or not. I started writing My very post was Freeze your Dreams I shared my article with my friend Rewatha. He gave me a very good response. He said me those articles were really impressive. His words motivated me to write more and more. After I could write 5 more articles. I have all those articles on this blog. Those are,

After writing those I decided to start my blog. I hadn’t any idea about making a blog. So I self-learned step by step. After hosting my blog I tested this with a large number of themes to select which is most compatible and I had to work hours to learn about WordPress. And meanwhile, I learned about how to SEO and how to get traffic.

Arrangement of Clique-Blog

Now I think I have fulfilled almost everything to become a beginner blogger. Now It’s time to write. In this clique-blog, There are two main parts.

Day Posts

These are the main type of blogposts I post everyday blogposts. Those are a little bit short. And those are written with my weak English Language. But I write every day to make your life much better and finally make this world a better place than this. I number my daily posts. And check dates. My attempt is to post every single post every day.

Regular Posts

You can see a Regular Post every weekend. Those are long and with about 1500 words. I write those posts with searching whole the week. I plan to post a regular post on Monday so there will be not available a day post on Monday.

Now I think you can get a clear idea about Clique-Blog and I keep my promise to see you every day with a new day post. or a regular post. Share this if you like to make another person’s life better.

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